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glass cleaning

With a smooth process from the offer to implementation, individually selected cleaning agents and cleaning methods, we bring your windows to shine again. Whether you want a one-time, regular or final cleaning in your household, office, winter garden, shop window or shop, we will create a tailor-made offer for you.

maintenance cleaning

Together with you, we will create a specification of services tailored to your wishes and needs. Maintenance cleaning also includes the floors, sanitary facilities and the furnishings also radiators, ceilings and walls, plants and other items of the room furnishings and much more. Depending on your needs, we ensure that your property maintains its value with professional care in an individually tailored cleaning cycle and your property.

photovoltaic cleaning

With the cleaning of your solar system you receive up to 20 % the losses in energy generation caused by pollution. With the right advice and a cleaning cycle that is tailored to your system size, you save hard cash.

The cleaning is carried out from the ground and therefore does not involve any dangers or annoyances such as having to bury buildings.

caretaker services

We look after your office building or property, be it the apartment owners association (WEG) or your private property, both outside and inside.
This includes, among other things, cleaning work such as clearing the outdoor area with a high-pressure cleaner or removing leaves or leaves. the winter service, but also the cleaning of your stairwell, your underground car park, the supply of your garbage cans, the disposal of bulky garbage, minor repairs and minor renovation work and also the maintenance of your green area. We will be happy to provide you with further services on request.

conservatory cleaning

The glasses in your winter garden are exposed to constant weather conditions. You should therefore have your winter garden including roof and rain gutters, Have the frame and glazing professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Even stubborn dirt, which can lead to irreparable damage We can lead, we can remove it for you.

We will also be happy to seal the roof of your winter garden with a nano-sealing in order to achieve a longer-lasting cleaning effect.

blind cleaning

The cleaning of the blinds is often a nuisance, as the areas to be cleaned are usually difficult to reach. It can also get dirty – quite apart from the aesthetic aspect – lead to malfunctions or even to a defect in the blind system. A regular Cleaning is therefore much more economical.

glass facade cleaning

By using our special professional equipment, we can offer you a more cost-effective, higher quality, long-lasting cleaning to offer. Expensive truck lifts are often required for high glass facades, which are billed to you as a customer. Because of the engagement With our professional equipment, this is no longer necessary and costs previously invoiced to you are no longer incurred.

terrace cleaning

Depending on the material of your terrace and the degree of soiling, it is often advisable to leave the cleaning in professional hands. Damage is annoying and costly. With cleaning agents and devices individually adapted to the material of your terrace, we will become your terrace to celebrate the spring of the year.

roof cleaning/ facade cleaning

Environmental influences such as weather, dust and exhaust gases and also deposits of moss, algae and lichen leave visible traces on the after a while House walls. However, a dirty facade not only looks neglected, it can also damage the property and also reduce its value. With professional machines and selected cleaning agents, we restore your facade and roof to their original condition.

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